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Our facility can offer the service of bulk in-take or deliveries containing casks. Our disgorging centre can also assist with the safe flow of distribution of the ‘liquid gold’ depending on client’s needs. The MWV Facility can also offer ‘empty’ cask bulk storage and can cater for all your bespoke cask testing, inspection and labelling.

George Bernard Shaw

In three words: Irish playwright, Pygmalion
Thoughts on whiskey: “Whisky is liquid sunshine.”


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The production process for Irish whiskey is legally defined in both the Irish Whiskey Act 1980 and the Irish Whiskey Geographic Indication Technical File. An essential part of the legally-defined production process is the requirement that Irish Whiskey must be matured in wooden casks on the island of Ireland for a minimum of three years. The Maturation process is a very important process for the creation of Irish Whiskey. The Moyvore Whiskey Vault is equipped with the most modern Security and Fire Protection System measures to ensure this process is safely allowed to flourish for many years only succumb to the ‘Angels Share’. Each Bonded warehouse can facilitate palletised vertical storage arrangements to a maximum of 16,800 casks per warehouse. All inventory is carefully registered and monitored on a regular or pre-agreed basis.

James Joyce

In three words: Dubliners and Ulysses
Thoughts on whiskey: “The light music of whiskey falling into a glass—an agreeable interlude.”


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Your Whiskey is handled with great care throughout its journey using the latest in information technology for inventory control. The bonded characteristics of Whiskey means every ‘drop’ is accounted for and monitoring shall involve full transparency and traceability.  All customs and excise administration shall be fully in line with regulatory requirements and housed in our Admin Building.  Our unique software monitoring system shall provide immediate maturation reporting allowing for greater planning to your needs. MWV provides unmatched ease from product in-take registration through to dispatch. Laboratory facilities shall also be available for bespoke users and shall be tailored to suit one’s needs.

Alexander Fleming

In three words: Scottish inventor, penicillin
Thoughts on whiskey: “A good gulp of hot whiskey at bedtime—it’s not very scientific, but it helps.”

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Our Story

The renaissance of Irish Whiskey in the last two decades has seen an unprecedented demand for the Maturation of this unique and world renowned ‘Liquid Gold’. Conceived in 2014, VSL quietly developed an answer to ‘Irelands Call’ for a state-of-the-art facility to satisfy the potential growth over the next decade.

After 3 years of undergoing a very detailed consultation and planning process with the States various Planning Departments, Vault Storage Limited achieved its objective and became Ireland’s largest Independent Whiskey Filling / Maturation facility on the Island of Ireland.

Located in the centre of Ireland, in Moyvore, Co. Westmeath , The Vault WhiskeyStore Facility shall soon become the most modern Whiskey Filling, WhiskeyMaturation and Whiskey Handling Facility in the World.

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Fully Confidential Client Service Agreements
Product Registration including Administration
Product Bonding
Full Product Insurance and Underwriting
Product Handling – Full Logistic Solution
Whiskey Disgorging / Filling
Bespoke Disgorging / Filling
Whiskey Cask Storage
Laboratory Sampling and Testing Facilities
Product Storage (Maturation) From 3yrs to 21 yrs
24/7 Security and Monitoring Solutions
Fully Fire Protected
Business Continuity
24/7 Client Accessibility
Exit Registration and Administration
Suite of Visitor Facilities

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Big Plans

The immediate objective for us at the Moyvore Whiskey Vault is to complete the plans for Phase 1 as soon as possible in order to alleviate shortage in supply for current whiskey storage demand and assist all producers in then concentrating on production and marketing to new markets. Phase 1 is expected to take 24-28 months however, our hope is to present a very detailed Phase 2 Planning application by Mid-2020 which shall incorporate a further expansion of our available Bonded Warehouses.

We hope to support local industry and employment where possible and work with the local steering committees to further enhance Moyvore as a nice place to work, live and visit.

In the next 12 months, MWV shall present our plans for a new Whiskey Exhibition and Display Centre, a tourist information centre, bespoke tasting rooms and a tourist amenity area along with walkways for visitors and the public. Our hope is to integrate this facility with the beautiful surroundings of ‘Moyvore’ village and encourage both local and regional participation for the development into the future.

This project can provide benefits both locally and regionally and hope we can continue to receive the support of all involved for generations to come.

Moyvore Whiskey Vault
  • 2019
    Feb 19th 2019 – Full Planning Permission Achieved
    March 2019 – Preparation of VSL Services to Client dialogue
    April – May 2019 – Client Consultations
    May – July 2021 – Site Preparation & Construction Planning
    August 2021 – Appointment of Main Building Contractor and Design Team
    Sept 2021 – Commencement of Construction
    Oct 2023 – Application for Phase II for VSL Facility (includes the application for a further 22 bonded warehouses, Visitor Centre and Bespoke VisitorTasting Rooms and Bar)
  • 2021
    Official Opening of 1st series of Bonded Warehouses (4 No.) and GeneralSite Facilities
  • 2022
    June 2022 - Completion of all 12, Phase 1 Bonded Warehouses
    April 2022 – Commencement of Phase II construction



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